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How we did it: explained briefly....


Edge transmitter

200W Rx

Check: a conservative comparison of power density....

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Our proudly unedited/uncut YouTube videos show that our receiver coils are tiny, very tiny.


Our  sliver of a 5W coil  is only 0.4mm thick.


Our 150W coil is smaller than your "pinky."

An advantage, in terms of Watts per unit vol. of over 20 times.  


Geometry-agnostic too, thus enabling for the first time, wireless power transfer into almost any known device out there.

Their 5W

CE Coil.png

Our 5W

Our 150W

And we didn't forget to offer better-than-backwards compatibility....

We even do Qi far better than Qi...

For example, we can even do Qi with a slim long coil along any edge on a standard Qi pad too!

We can do wearables with a flexible receiver buried within its strap, allowing it also to be placed normally/naturally on any Qi pad. Unlike even the Apple Watch.


We can do Dual-Qi (proprietary) ... two Qi devices right next to each other, without any crosstalk.

See all our unedited videos if you wish to know more.

In proprietary modes, on the same Dual-Qi capable transmitter: we do multiple-receiver mode, vertical charging of phones, incredibly high power, with the coolest possible and tiniest receiver coils. The world's smartest FOD too, something that has cost them big in terms of interoperability.

Embrace the future! We are simply years ahead. Naturally! Because...

Because (only) we knew (since 2016) why others WOULD fail,

and planned accordingly....

....Since 2016, we alone understood,

then secretly traversed...


the perilous tightrope between performance, regulatory & cost constraints, so critical to the success of wireless power transfer...

Today, we walk the talk! Alone!