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The Case for a Case

How Qi-charging damages battery and reduces charging rate dramatically, and why a Case based on our technology is a much better idea, even for tablets.

Our Dual-Qi mode compared to theirs

See for yourself how our Dual-Qi mode simply outclasses the aftermarket accessory headed for Tesla Model 3. Why we were the first and still are the best, with our proprietary method.

Scaling up to Wireless EV Charging

See powerful scaling laws discovered by the inventor in 2014, at work here, to explain why only ChargEdge can truly scale to the demands of wireless EV charging, and why, they indeed are hopelessly stuck at mediocre levels, 10 years and millions of dollars later.

Scaling Qi's mistakes to EV Charging  

See the results of simply scaling Qi's mistakes and erroneous assumptions to higher power levels, transferring the alignment anxiety and mediocrity you have come to expect from Qi, upwards to wireless EV charging. And why ChargEdge technology fixes all that and can thus scale overnight to far superior levels.

We've got your back

See the origin of the false assumptions underlying Qi, surprisingly repeated and propagated even till today, creeping into the latest HaloIPT/Qualcomm patents for EV charging. Also see how fixing all that leads to stunning lab results. All the live demos of ChargEdge technology have been compiled here for a quick review, including Dual-Qi mode, multiple receiver mode, high-power mode for laptops, wearables charged on the side, and the world's smartest foreign object detection.


The Difference

Improved coils

Our receiver coils, 1/10th the size of 5W Qi coils, can easily deliver over ten times more power, at lowest cost too, and are 4 times less “lossy” than Qi coils.

Device Agnostic

Longitudinal coils can also enable wearables, VR glasses, headsets, hearing aids, drones, laptops, tablets; even EV charging with less alignment.


ChargEdge has the lowest electromagnetic emissions at the lowest frequency, and several proprietary foreign object detection schemes.


Redesign of Magnetics

Our “Secret Sauce” is in the embedded microcontroller which features precise tracking and control algorithms under all load and placement conditions, even improving the performance of Qi.

360º of charging

Because our coils are so tiny, they can be placed anywhere… along the sides too. No need for  fragile glass housing to “enable” Qi. Use a predominantly metal housing as before, because only we can direct the flux precisely where you need it!


Charge virtually every electronic gadget

Increase power 10 times more than Qi for a fraction of the cost, and safer too.

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