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Sanjaya Maniktala

Sanjaya, the inventor, is also the author of eight published books on power electronics as well as Power-over-Ethernet.

Prior to founding ChargEdge, Mr. Maniktala designed switching power supplies worldwide ----for Apple Mac, IBM, HP, Compaq computers etc., while working at companies like Artesyn (Emerson Electric) in USA, Siemens AG in Germany, Dynacomp in Singapore, and Ultratek (Golden Power) in Bombay. Sanjaya also held tenure in the semiconductor industry at Freescale, National Semiconductor, IDT, Power Integrations, Fairchild and Microsemi.

Dr. Ted Tewksbury III

Strategic Advisor

Ted served  as CEO of Integrated Device Technology(IDT) where he built the wireless power business from inception to industry leader.

Previously, Ted was President and COO of AMI Semiconductor, Managing Director for Maxim Integrated Products and Director at IBM Microelectronics.

Gregg Clark

Chief Marketing Officer

As a 20-year industry veteran, Gregg brings technical marketing and business development expertise from the consumer and automotive electronics sectors.

Previously, Mr. Clark was Co-Founder of Zii Energy and partnered with JVIS LLC. In addition, Gregg also served at Visteon, Bose and Shure Inc.  

Clyde McKay

Chief Revenue Officer

Clyde brings over 20 years of experience driving revenue for technical products and solutions in the mobile electronics and manufacturing sector.

Previously, Mr. McKay served as VP of Sales at Incipio and Chief Commercial Officer at 3P.M. Manufacturing.

Robert Tetrault

Head of Hardware & Field Applications Engineering

As an industry SME, Bob brings over 30 years of switch-mode power supply design and field engineering design expertise.

Previously, Mr. Tetrault served at Philips Semiconductor, NXP, National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments. Previously Bob also served as Global FAE at PowerByProxi (acquired by Apple).

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