Edited version of IEEE video

Original, unedited IEEE video

July 25, 2019: a live IEEE guest seminar was held in Santa Clara,  California, organized by the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Power Electronics Society, Sanjaya (CTO) presented the broad reasoning behind his technology, starting from the very basics of resonance. He also unveiled hidden-in-plain-sight scaling laws which he had discovered and exploited ever since he wrote the critical "Chapter 19" of his other well-known book:  Switching Power Supply  Design and Optimization, 2nd edition. He explained in detail why the entire world had got it wrong! Engineers working in Wireless Power Transfer in companies like Facebook, Apple and Texas Instruments were present and had the opportunity to ask questions in a completely open forum. Some did! Sanjaya also gave a live demo of his 80W FluxLaser system, and an audience member  seemed to confirm with a surprised shake of his head that the receiver coil was not even warm to touch.  The original unedited video (on the right above) is on YouTube, posted by IEEE. The edited version on the left, about 20 minutes shorter, retains all the technical discussions faithfully, but omits some of the irreverent anecdotes, projection-issue-related delays, and even a bit of needless rambling!

If you have questions about efficiency in all such near-field systems, the reasons for the failure of Rezence/Witricity, the mistakes by Qi (WPC), Apple and SAE... listen carefully. It is all here.   The edited version will take only 55 minutes of your time, perhaps to save you years of heading in the wrong direction, and wasting millions of dollars, as did Intel (for Rezence), Apple (for AirPower), Toyota (for WEVC technology from Witricity)...