Video of the day!

Hear the 5 problems they are struggling with silently for almost a decade, which explains why they have almost nothing to show in wireless EV charging so far. Nothing that is future-proof at least! Listen to this carefully and decide for yourself.

1) Their inherently alignment-sensitive magnetics

2) Their lack of understanding of the physics of resonance

3) Their struggles with FOD (Foreign Object Detection)


4) Cost, compared to wired charging


5) Inability to visualize the future, leave aside be future-proof

The Five Problems we alone fixed in EV Charging

Video of yesterday!

Does it make any sense to install spiral receiver coils on cars, for charging them in (stationary) garages, when it is obvious such coils demand serious centering and careful alignment always (ask Qi) ....making them completely non-future-proof!


See what coil geometry is best suited for the electrified highways of tomorrow...not a distant dream at all, if you get it right!! 


Also see how it will lead to an entirely new business model....the payment portal! 

Think ahead! Ford did not, not make cars because the infrastructure of highways, gas stations etc, was still not there ... Ideas shape the future. Good ideas of course. Like ours!

The Highways of Tomorrow

Vertical Qi too (Better than backward-Qi compatibility)

A video  to remember!

See a receiver working on Qi with a longitudinal coil, which also works in our multiple-receiver proprietary "CE mode "...on our transmitter (which also supports Dual-Qi mode as in other videos). Also a wearable charging from its side on a standard Qi pad. 

Thinnest coils possible

Older Tx housing, but shows two types of FOD and all three modes (demo kit)

See very high power visibly (two 75W lamps from 12V input)

Highest Power too...

Older Tx housing, compare our Dual-Qi mode with theirs (Tesla)

See very very high power visibly (four 75W lamps from 24V input)

The Case for a Case. You don't really need  or even want a hot coil inside your phone. Market opportunity for cases

New Tx housing, see our Dual-Qi

Demos collected here! Fastforward to 5 min 20 sec to see wearables being charged  from their sides.. on a standard Qi pad, using our proprietary long coil

Drones too!

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